"Exploring the Logosynthesis process with my guide Cathy Caswell has helped me cope with the challenges of a demanding career and the unexpected twists and turns of daily life. I feel more empowered and energized to seize the day."

- Marie -



Master Practitioner & Instructor in Logosynthesis®

Work can feel stressful and overwhelming but you can shift how you feel!
I guide people using Logosynthesis® to shift mental images and perceptual triggers for immediate and sustained relief.
Work can definitely be challenging and demanding.
With an increased sense of ease and calm, you can make a difference.

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Instead of trying to change everything around you, I guide you to simply notice what bothers you and shift your reaction. With an increased sense of ease and calm, you will notice more flow in your work. Your energy will be available to make a difference at work!

Whether you are a successful executive feeling the pressure of a dealing with change and uncertainty ... or you are a frontline worker dealing with difficult people and overwhelming demands ... I can guide you to use a healthy lifestyle practice to relieve stress and tension.

Our work together is about YOU and YOUR GOALS. It is about unlocking YOUR potential so that more of your energy is available for what is important in YOUR EVERYDAY LIFE. Let's explore together.

Free—no obligation

Getting Started

You don't need to struggle to find the time and headspace to learn yet another healthy lifestyle practice. I will guide you to use an innovative healing and development model called Logosynthesis® to relieve stress in your everyday life. As you use the method, you will gain comfort and skills to use it on your own to support your healthy lifestyle. You choose how you want to start and the pace you want to go. As you do the work of shifting the triggers, you will notice more ease and flow in your everyday life.
Note: I can guide you but I can't do the work for you!)

Book a 1-1 Session

Experience a guided session with a certified Master Practitioner in Logosynthesis®. Starting with what bothers you now, you will experience a greater sense of ease and calm to focus on taking meaningful action.

Read These Books

Cathy shares her personal experience and professional training to help you appreciate what shifts are possible using Logosynthesis. She guides you to use this method routinely as a healthy lifestyle practice.

Use App-Based Coaching

'Essence: Unlock Potential' allows you to use this model at your pace and on your schedule. The guided exercises allow you to experience more ease to focus on your work without needing to learn why or how it works. Free and paid content.

“I had a busy life in my head. I went to counselling time and time again.
Using CBT, I was told I needed to use the tools and face my fears head on.
That wasn’t working.
Using Tapping, it hardly touched me. It didn’t work.
Exercise and yoga wasn’t getting rid of what I was feeling.
With Logosynthesis, I experienced a massive change.
It’s like the issue doesn’t exist.
If I had to put a word on it: PEACE!.”

- Melanie -