In everyday life, it can be normal for things to bother you.

Demanding workloads. Multiple priorities. Healing from an accident. Challenging relationships.

There are many aspects to healing and personal growth to support your health and wellbeing: Physically. Mentally. Energetically.

Research now shows that mental imagery plays a role in health and wellbeing*, with intrusive mental imagery being associated with emotional distress. This research calls for new ways to shift distressing mental imagery for lasting impact.

Logosynthesis offers a certified, energetic model for healing & development
that uses the power of words to identify and resolve distressing mental imagery.

This introductory course gives you an overview of the theory and
allows you to experience what can shift using the Logosynthesis Basic Procedure.

Join us live for Logosynthesis 101: A Self-Coaching Course

Online via Zoom on March 6 & 13, 2024
2 sessions of 3 hours each
1-4pm EST (Toronto) / 2-5pmAST (Halifax)

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Registration Fee: CAD$150+ applicalbe tax *Roughly £95, €110 or US$110

Note: This course is open to anyone interested in learning how to use Logosynthesis. It offers: an introduction to the theory; a live demos; a guided exercise to experience the method and an opportunity to have your questions answered. It is a great place to start your training in Logosynthesis. For any registration questions, contact Cathy at

Logosynthesis® is a comprehensive model
for healing and development
based on the power of words and sentences
to restore the flow of life energy.
- Willem Lammers, 2021 -

Why Attend?

Many people struggle with distressing thoughts, emotions and physical sensations. You may think that you have no option but to learn to live with the stress. You may think the stress is caused by your current situation but the distress is often triggered by memories, beliefs & fantasies. Logosynthesis® offers a simple & powerful technique to eliminate the underlying mental imagery that triggers distress for immediate and sustained relief.

This workshop was developed by the founder of Logosynthesis, Dr. Willem Lammers.

You will learn:
-An overview of the theory of Logosynthesis model.
-The Logosynthesis Basic Procedure/
-A guided exercise and live demos of the model.
-An overview of available resources.
You will also have opportunity to ask your specific questions about the model.

This workshop is designed to offer you a unique opportunity to learn directly from Cathy to experience what can shift with Logosynthesis.

Your Guide

Cathy will guide your experience.

Logosynthesis offers a simple and repeatable protocol to reduce stress & unlock potential.
As with learning any new model, it takes practice and guidance to optimize results.
With a depth of expertise in working with Logosynthesis, Cathy will offer you a valuable guidance to discover why and how to start using the Basic Procedure right away.


Cathy Caswell

Author, Coach, Master Practitioner & Instructor in Logosynthesis®

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Online via Zoom on March 6 & 13 , 2024
2 sessions of 3 hours each
1-4pm EST (Toronto) / 2-5pmAST (Halifax)

Registration Fee: CAD$150 + applicable tax *Roughly £95, €110 or US$110

Note: This introductory course is open to anyone interested in learning to use Logosynthesis for their personal use. For any registration questions, contact Cathy at

Logosynthesis International Association

The Logosynthesis International Association (LIA) is responsible for
the quality and development of Logosynthesis® internationally.
If you are a professional who supports clients in healing and development,
you can learn more about training and certification.

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